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How many time your drivers stopped, where they stopped, their driving behavior and more. Mutlilingual Our software is translated into 30 major languages, so you can offer your clients a high quality of services!

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You can easily add your own language in case it is not supported! Sub-account Crete subaccounts for your co-workers and grant access to some or all your vehicles. Each user will have its own username and password and access level. Customization Our software offers you a variety of customization options, so you can configure it based on your needs! Change colors, change menus change everything you need! Our main purpose is to offer high quality of services, in order to offer the best solution to our clients.

We are in partnership with all the major GPS Tracker manufacturers. Our company is here to stay and offer the best possible services, with the lowest possible pricing. Within this 12 years, we have expand our services to 3 different continents and over 14 countries, as you can see in our partner list. The format is commonly used on email mailing lists and other online forums, where certain common questions tend to recur. We keep the entire history route of your vehicles in our servers for 50 days!

In case you are interested to keep the history for more than 50 days, we offer you the possibility to download the route of your vehicles through our longstorage feature. What exactly does your software do? In short, we would say a lot of things! What we offer you, is a pioneer real-time tracking software that supports all GPS Tracker devices. Now you can add multiple GPS Tracker devices, from various manufacturers and view it all together on our platform. One platform all your GPS Tracker devices.

Which GPS Trackers do you support?

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Track any mobile phone via GPS online for free! PHONE TRACKER. Choose your COUNTRY: Select Country, United States, United Kingdom, Afghanistan. Interested in GPS tracking software? try GPS server for Free! Powerful white label Connect any GPS tracker or phone and start tracking it online. Start Tracking.

You can view the entire list of our supported GPS Tracker devices on our supported page , however some of the most famous manufacturers we support are: Which maps you are using? At the moment the following maps are available at our Tracking Platform Software:. Can i get notifications when something happens to my car?

Yes through our software you can get various types of notifications for various actions that will happen in your vehicles. The notifications we support are e-mail, push notofication to your smartphone and SMS alert. Do you have smartphone applications?

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Yes we offer mobile applications so that you can locate and track your vehicles in real time, while you are on the GO! In order to view more details about our smartphone applications, check our smartphone application page. What if i need support?

With Vylio you can track your devices, assets, vehicles online 24/7 free of charge.

In case you need any kind of support, you are welcome to use our contact page in order to reach our team or you can use our live chat feature bottom right corner of your screen. Modern Infrastructure We are always up to date!

Best Way To Track Your Car Using Android Phone Or PC For FREE 😎

We really love our job, therefore we are always using modern and latest technology advancements, so you can enjoy the highest possible quality! Working with a quality GPS Tracking Software like the one Tracking-Platform offers, provide us with a variety of advantages and increased our productivity,. Tracking-Platform has helped us get control of our vehicles and drivers and minimize our expenses.

Custom comes standard with GpsGate. You can brand at the application-level and set up custom workspaces. You set the roles, permissions, plugins, and more.

GPS Tracking Software & Fleet Management Solutions!

Over devices are integrated so you can work with any hardware you choose. You can extend the platform and apps to meet your exact business needs. GpsGate can also integrate with your other software and systems for seamless office work. A real-time tracking and fleet management platform to power your business. White-label software used by tracking partners in over countries. Free trial. Geofences and events use your custom business rules. Reporting All the standard reports you need, and as many custom reports as you want.

Security Real-time overviews, alerts, and detailed records keep vehicles, cargo, and drivers safe. Dispatch Managing jobs and field workers is easy with the integrated dispatch feature. Partner-focused You provide services using our white-label software.

Real-time tracking and alerts Intelligent mapping tools mean more than just a dot on the map. Over supported devices mean fast setup. You always have real-time information for every vehicle in your fleet. You can stay updated with alerts and notifications. Geofences and events help automate your business.

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Les Klingel, Sr. The notifications we support are e-mail, push notofication to your smartphone and SMS alert. E-mail alerts in case of connection loss. WiaTag turns a mobile device into a tracker that keeps an eye on its owner. Of course, having a dedicated server isn't cheap, so keep those donations coming! All features, no limits.

Each output uses your custom business rules.