Text message spy reviews

Spying on Text Messages

Another method to know the SMS is spying on the device but with the help of a reliable spy tool. SMS spy tool is the applications that are programmed and is designed for controlling and monitoring any device.


It is actually a virtual device that one has to install over the targeted person device to figure out everything in hidden mode. If you are making use of Smartphone then obviously you might be aware of those. Similar to other apps this tool is developed by the application developers. This can track the messages, history of call logs, contacts, location etc.


About author. Press ESC to close. After cutting back on all the expenses we could, it still wasn't enough-the company was in trouble. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Even a child can use it, although it sounds complicated. That is one reason why text messages today hold a lot of importance and have even become a legitimate way to hold someone accountable for something in court. What if your spouse is cheating on you?

Spy tool is fully capable of doing many activities. A person can use the spy tool but there are a few things that one has to consider and for knowing what software can actually do.

Best Spy Apps for Android & iPhone

However, you cannot just simply download any tool as the market is full of SMS spy tool and picking anyone unknowingly can make you to fall in big problem. Here in the article, we will tell you about one of the best, safest and reliable tracking tool named FreePhoneSpy app. This application is available on the web and is compatible to work for iphone and Android platform.

The user can download the tool from the official link. Then the user is asked to create the user account and through control panel one can collect all the details. The process takes about 30 minutes. For Android, you have to access the device physically. In the control panel, choose the Android tab then follow the installation steps. For basic functionality, rooting is not required. On the other hand, just like iOS, checking on Viber and WhatsApp messages among other apps need rooting.

With mSpy, you can go for the basic or premium plan. The basic has regular features such as tracking, SMS reporting, access to call log and internet history. Testing may prompt you to take the one month plan but going for extended packages will save you some cash. Otherwise, physical access is a must. If you need a jailbreak, mSpy is compatible with iOS 7 to 8. Spyzie is another text message spy for iPhone and Android versions that remotely shows you what is happening on your target phone.

For the texts, you view all the necessary records. That means seeing the messages, senders and receivers information, and the number of messages in each chat. The good thing about it is that it hides when you are monitoring so that the whole spying process becomes a secret. Once you follow the installation procedure as described, you will have no problem with the device, whether iPhone and Android.

For Android, the supported versions are between 4. The iPhone versions that will not need jailbreaking include from 6. On to the next one is XNSPY which also allows you to spy on text messages remotely on the installed phone. What makes us select it as one of the best spy apps is that it makes the monitoring task easier. It allows you to check on particular contacts and words that matter more. You just have to update the phrases or contacts on the watchlist alerts. Sorting is also quick where one click gives you a list or conversational view depending on what suits you better.

It supports both Android and iOS platforms. For Android, it works on all versions between 4. Auto Forward Spy is easy to install and use not forgetting that it is another cross-platform application, working on Android and iOS. When it comes to text messages, it will get you all the SMSs from the target phone including the deleted ones. More to that includes getting the details of those participating in the chats.

The control panel makes it easy to monitor the messages even if you are not conversant with software products.

It works on both iOS and Android platforms. MobiStealth is a cross-platform monitoring application that not only works on Android and iOS but also on computers. That means you can use it to spy on almost every other device in your household. Do you want to spy on the text messages? This app allows you to see all outgoing and incoming messages together with the contact details of those involved.

The senders and recipients phone numbers are matched with the contacts save in the target phone. It also works on Windows and Mac computers.

6 TOP Rated SMS Trackers

For iOS, you only need the iCloud information while in Android, you can choose to hide it during the installation process. Spyera an award-winning monitoring app that allows you to spy on almost every other device that you need to be aware of. You will know when the target is in danger or doing the contrary remotely after installing. On the control panel, you get real-time analysis of the incoming and outgoing text messages and more.

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That includes even the deleted messages. You also get an option to specify specific keywords or numbers that you want to verify further. Whenever they are used, you get an instant notification. If the data collected is too much, just search for the reports you need and download them at will. It works on all Android devices smartphones and tablets up to version 8. You may need to root the device if you want more monitoring features.

SurePoint will also allow you to monitor Androids and iOS devices remotely after installation.


It will show all the text conversations together with the contact details of receivers and senders. That also includes the deleted ones and their timestamps too. It also allows you to monitor more devices when such a need arises. Users who have it appreciate the way it addresses the monitoring aspects into teen, employee, and family. It works on both Android and iOS. That includes iOS version 9. After installing it on the targeted device, it allows you to read all the messages involved including data from messaging apps.

Now, apart from getting all the message details, you can use it to send commands to the target phone via SMS.

How To Monitor Text Messages On Another Cell Phone

It also permits you to lock the remote SIM and get its information. Depending on the version you are using, jailbreak may be required. After going through our review of the best apps to monitor text messages, you may be wondering which one to pick. Our advice to you is that you should not rush on anything. Evaluate what you need, your financial capability and how reliable your chosen app is to your monitoring task. Most monitoring applications operate in stealth mode so that the targeted user does not know there is spying going on.

Web-Based Control Panel

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Flexispy Part 3. Spyzie Part 5. Auto Forward Spy Part 7. MobiStealth Part 8. Spyera Part 9. SurePoint Spy Part GuestSpy Conclusion. You may also like.